Accident Statistics

Prepared by The Traffic Safety Association of Macomb County in cooperation with the police departments shown and the Macomb County Department of Roads.


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*Certain crashes policed by the Macomb County Sheriff’s Department or The Michigan State Police are recorded in the city or township in which the crash occurred

*Michigan State Police data reported by MSP Lansing Traffic Crash Reporting Section

Historical Data


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**November 2022 includes an update for Chesterfield Township (May 2023)  December 2022 includes an update for Chesterfield Township, Eastpointe and St. Clair Shores (May 2023)


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**December 2021 includes an update for Chesterfield Township (March 2022)

Traffic Fatalities Up in Macomb County in 2021, click the link below for the Macomb Daily article


01-January-2020     02-February-2020     03-March-2020     04-April-2020     05-May-2020     06-June-2020     07-July-2020     08-August-2020     09-September-2020     10-October-2020     11-November-2020     12-December-2020

**December 2020 includes an update for New Baltimore (February 2021)


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Traffic Fatalities Down in Macomb County in 2017, click the link below for the Macomb Daily article


*Chesterfield Township statistics for 2016 have been updated 1/1/2017

01-january-2016     02-february-2016     03-march-2016     04-april-2016     05-may-2016     06-june-2016     07-july-2016     08-august-2016     09-september-2016     10-october-2016     11-November-2016     12-December-2016


*Chesterfield Township statistics for 2015 have been updated 1/1/2017

01-january-2015     02-february-2015     03-march-2015     04-april-2015    05-may-2015     06-june-2015     07-july-2015     08-august-2015     09-september-2015     10-october-2015     11-november-2015     12-december-2015


*Chesterfield Township statistics for 2014 have been updated 1/1/2017

01-january-2014     02-february-2014     03-march-2014     04-april-2014     05-may-2014     06-june-2014     07-july-2014     08-august-2014     09-september-2014     10-october-2014     11-november-2014     12-december-2014


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