Report Drunk Drivers

Call 911 –



The Traffic Safety Association of Macomb County is asking for the public’s help in getting intoxicated motorists off the streets.  The Call 911 Report Drunk Drivers Campaign will encourage people to call 911 when they see a dangerous or drunk driver on the road.  The billboards have the pictures of Macomb County’s two top law enforcement officers to show the public its okay to call 911 to report drunk drivers–Sheriff Anthony Wickersham and Prosecutor Eric Smith.

Sheriff Anthony Wickersham stated “The holidays that see an increase are quickly approaching, such as Thanksgiving, December Christmas parties, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  This is when families come together and has a few drinks.  We just don’t want them to overdo it.  When they do, someone else has to get behind the wheel.”

Prosecuting Attorney Eric Smith says “It is vital to get the drunks off the streets.  When people are drinkking and driving we have to know who they are.  We need to prevent them from killing somebody.”

TSA beliefs that lives are at stake and that every drunk driver that is allowed to continue driving unchecked, risk the lives of every other man, woman and child traveling our roads.  This is why this campaign is so important in dialing 911 people are engaging the resources that are able to stop what can potentially be a deadly situation.  By calling 911 and reporting suspected drunk drivers to police, we can all play a role in keeping our roads safe and reduce drunk driving crashes, death and injury.

Saving lives is a responsibility that belongs to all of us!

TSA will have 16 billboards and 15 SMART Bus boards displayed throughout Macomb County for the 2011 Holiday season.