Alcohol Highway Safety Program (AHSP)

The Alcohol Highway Safety Program is CAIT and SARF Licensed by the State of Michigan

License #SA0500001


This class is for a person with any alcohol-related first time offense.  Developed to have a positive, direct impact on alcohol-involved violators.  A ten-hour educational program offering basic information about alcohol, how it affects the human body, the disease process of alcoholism, and up-to-date drinking and driving laws.


This AWARE (Advanced Workshop in Alcohol-Related Education) is for a person with multiple alcohol offenses and/or may have had previous treatment, counseling, or educational classes providing advanced, in-depth education about the implications of drunk driving, the physiological damages caused by alcohol, the risk factors for developing alcoholism, and the effects of alcoholism on family life and employment.


This program provides the same information as the Level I program and is appropriate for charges such as underage drinking, open intoxicants, and being drunk and disorderly.


This class is for a person with a first-time misdemeanor drug offense such as possession of narcotics or drug paraphernalia, or frequenting a place where narcotics are present.  Teaches the potential dangers involved in using drugs, life skill development, self awareness, warning signals of addiction, and facts regarding drug laws.


Final Interviews are conducted for the AHSP Level I, Level II, Young Adult Program and Drug Awareness Programs with a professional interviewer providing the person a chance to review the information that has been presented.  The person’s own indicators will be discussed and a recommendation for further treatment, if any, is made by the interviewer.