School’s Open/Drive Carefully

ad49221d54fbaca3ffff8534ffffd502Back to school makes a change in traveling for everyone.  School buses are lining the streets and crossing guards are posted at street corners.  It is very important to be alert and aware on our roadways to reduce school-related pedestrian accidents and deaths.  Be especially careful before and after school hours.  The afternoon hours are particularly dangerous.  Whether commuting to work, carpooling to school or heading out for daily activities please take caution to ensure everyone gets to where they are going and back home safely.

Here’s some helpful hits for everyone to keep in mind as we adjust to the increased traffic in our neighborhoods:

Blue-checkmark TAKE YOUR TIME — Allow extra time for school zone traffic or adjust your route to avoid it.

Blue-checkmark SLOW DOWN — Speed limits in school zones are usually 5 to 10 miles per hour below the posted speed.

Blue-checkmark COME TO A COMPLETE STOP AT STOP SIGNS — Treat a stop sign as you would a red light–come to a complete stop every time, checking carefully for children on sidewalks and in crosswalks before proceeding.

Blue-checkmark ELIMINATE DISTRACTIONS — Taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds doubles your chances of crashing.  Children can be quick crossing the road unexpectedly or emerging suddenly between two parked cars.  Reduce risk by not using your cell phone or eating while driving.

Blue-checkmark BRAKE FOR BUSES — Passing a stopped school bus is against the law–so don’t do it!!   School Bus Law

Blue-checkmark WATCH OUT FOR PEDESTRIANS — Be cautious and prepared, especially on sidewalks and be extra cautious around driveways, intersections and residential neighborhoods.

Blue-checkmark WATCH FOR BICYCLES — Children on bikes are often inexperienced, unsteady and unpredictable.  Slow down and allow at least 3 feet of passing distance between your vehicle and a bicyclist.  If your child rides a bicycle to school, require that they wear a properly-fitted bicycle helmet on every ride.

Blue-checkmark BUCKLE UP! – It is the single most effective thing you can do to keep yourself and your passengers safe while on the road.  Make sure children are in proper car seats…properly installed!  Infants and toddlers up to age 4 should be placed in appropriate child safety seats in the back seat of the vehicle.  Kids aged 4-7 need to be in booster seats, and older kids to age 16 must use standard seat belts.  It is recommended they ride in the back seat until age 13.

Blue-checkmark CROSS AT THE CROSSWALK — Keep to where you are most likely to be seen and where you have the right-of-way!

Blue-checkmark REVERSE RESPONSIBLY — Every vehicle has blind spots.  Check for children on the sidewalk, in the driveway and around your vehicle before slowly backing up.  Teach your children to never play in, under or around vehicles!

Drive Carefully!

Have a Safe & Happy School Year!