TSA Staff

Christopher Drummy

Christopher Drummy started his career with the Traffic Safety Association in 1997, becoming the Executive Director in 2014 after many years of hard work. Christophers’s education includes Macomb Community College, and Central Michigan University.  Christopher is also a Certified Prevention Consultant (CPC-R), Certified Driver Education Instructor/School Operator, and National Safety Council Certified Instructor.

Office Manager:  Yvonne Wilt

Office Assistant:  Danielle Fradl 

Teaching Staff

Ken Krygel – Alcohol Highway Safety Program Level I, Level II, Young Adult Program, Youth-Education-Success Program, Drug Awareness Program, Vaping/Tobacco Awareness Program

Christopher Drummy – Defensive Driving Course,  Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving Course, Driver Efficiency Evaluation Program, Vaping/Tobacco Awareness Program, Certified Prevention Consultant (CPC-R), Adult Crossing Guard Training, Forum for Alternative Theft-Offender Education, Driver Education Instructor

Kelly Harrison – MA, LPC, NCC, CAADC – DLAD and Substance Abuse Assessments

Diane Nuculaj – Driver Education Instructor

Pamela Tudor – FATE – Forum for Alternative Theft-Offender Education (Retail Fraud), YES (Youth-Education-Success) Program, THINK Program, Life Skills Prevention Specialist,  Prime For Life Program, Anger Management Program

Deborah Whisnant – Driver Education Instructor, Defensive Driving Course,  Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving Instructor, Driver Efficiency Evaluation Program, Adult Crossing Guard Training