Accident Statistics

Prepared by The Traffic Safety Association of Macomb County in cooperation with the police departments shown and the Macomb County Department of Roads.

Traffic Fatalities Down in Macomb County in 2017, click the link below for the Macomb Daily article


01-January-2018     02-February-2018     03-March-2018     04-April-2018 (updated 7/18)     05-May-2018     06-June-2018     07-July-2018     08-August-2018 (updated 9/18)     09-September-2018     10-October-2018     11-November-2018 (updated 12/18)     12-December-2018                  

*Certain crashes policed by the Macomb County Sheriff’s Department or The Michigan State Police are recorded in the city or township in which the crash occurred)

*Michigan State Police data reported by MSP Lansing Traffic Crash Reporting Section

Historical Data


01-January-2017     02-February-2017     03-March-2017     04-April-2017     05-May-2017     06-June-2017     07-July-2017     08-August-2017     09-September-2017     10-October-2017     11-November-2017     12-December-2017


*Chesterfield Township statistics for 2016 have been updated 1/1/2017

01-january-2016     02-february-2016     03-march-2016     04-april-2016     05-may-2016     06-june-2016     07-july-2016     08-august-2016     09-september-2016     10-october-2016     11-November-2016     12-December-2016


*Chesterfield Township statistics for 2015 have been updated 1/1/2017

01-january-2015     02-february-2015     03-march-2015     04-april-2015    05-may-2015     06-june-2015     07-july-2015     08-august-2015     09-september-2015     10-october-2015     11-november-2015     12-december-2015


*Chesterfield Township statistics for 2014 have been updated 1/1/2017

01-january-2014     02-february-2014     03-march-2014     04-april-2014     05-may-2014     06-june-2014     07-july-2014     08-august-2014     09-september-2014     10-october-2014     11-november-2014     12-december-2014


01-January-2013     02-February-2013     03-March-2013     04-April-2013     05-May-2013     06-June-2013     07-July-2013     08-August-2013     09-September-2013     10-October-2013     11-November-2013     12-December-2013


01-January-2012     02-February-2012     03-March-2012     04-April-2012     05-May-2012     06-June-2012     07-July-2012     08-August-2012     09-September-2012     10-October-2012     11-November-2012     12-December-2012


01-January-2011     02-February-2011     03-March-2011     04-April-2011     05-May-2011     06-June-2011     07-July-2011     08-August-2011     09-September-2011     10-October-2011     11-November-2011     12-December-2011