This is a one-on-one program is designed to evaluate the driving skills of persons with bad driving records.  Any problem areas will be determined and an action plan can be set in motion, making the person aware of any driving weaknesses and to assist them in determining what may be done to improve their skills and become a safe and successful driver.

The program consists of an Initial Interview to determine if the driver has insight why they were referred to this program, a cognitive evaluation to determine the ability to organize and react to traffic information, and a detailed analysis of their driving record.  An actual Driver Skill Evaluation in their own vehicle will demonstrate their ability to drive safely over a predetermined route in a variety of situations; the examiner will observe and score the driver on specific maneuvers, as well as on general driving behavior.  A Final Assessment will discuss the results of the Initial Interview and Driver Skill Evaluation with the driver.  Any problem areas will be discussed and an action plan put in place, which will be used to improve their driving skills.  They will be made aware of any recommendations made to the court.

Course Forms and Additional Information

  • Standard Class
    December 17, 2014
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Class Location


Phone: 586-293-5880

32100 Utica Road, Fraser, MI, US, 48026

(located between Masonic & Garfield Roads)