PLEASE NOTE:  All Students must wear appropriate face coverings when attending Class – cloth, N95 or equivalent. Thank you for your cooperation. 

CAIT and SARF Licensed by the State of Michigan – License #SA0500001

Level I

This class is for a person with any alcohol-related first-time offense. Developed to have a positive, direct impact on alcohol-involved traffic violators. A ten-hour educational program offering basic information about alcohol, how it affects the human body, the disease process of alcoholism, and up-to-date drinking and driving laws.

Level II

This AWARE (Advanced Workshop in Alcohol-Related Education) is for a person with multiple alcohol offenses and/or may have had previous treatment, counseling, or educational classes providing advanced, in-depth education about the implications of drunk driving, the physiological damages caused by alcohol, the risk factors for developing alcoholism, and the effects of alcoholism on family life and employment.

Course Forms and Additional Information

The Alcohol Highway Safety Program (AHSP) is a 1-day Saturday Class

Class Times:  8:00 am thru 5:00 pm

TSA/AHSP is proud to announce a partnership with MADD Michigan. If you are also mandated to attend the MADD Victim Impact Panel (VIP), you may now complete the VIP the SAME DAY and location as the AHSP class. You must register for the AHSP first, and you will receive the link for the MADD VIP in your registration confirmation email.

  • AHSP May 16th (Level 1)
    May 1, 2015 - May 15, 2025
    7:00 am - 4:30 pm
Classroom Courses Price Qty*
AHSP (Level I) February 19, 2022 show details + $135.00 (USD)   
AHSP (Level II) February 19, 2022 show details + $135.00 (USD)   
AHSP (Level I) March 26, 2022 show details + $135.00 (USD)   
AHSP (Level II) March 26, 2022 show details + $135.00 (USD)   
AHSP (Level I) April 23, 2022 show details + $135.00 (USD)   
AHSP (Level I) May 14, 2022 show details + $135.00 (USD)   
AHSP (Level II) May 14, 2022 show details + $135.00 (USD)   
AHSP (Level II) April 23, 2022 show details + $135.00 (USD)   

*Please note that a maximum number of 1 tickets can be purchased for this event per order.

Class Location


Phone: 586-293-5880

32100 Utica Road, Fraser, MI, US, 48026

(located between Masonic & Garfield Roads)