About Traffic Safety Association

The Traffic Safety Association (TSA) is a non-governmental, non-profit public service 501(c)3 organization founded by the Macomb County Board of Commissioners and the Road Commission of Macomb County in 1964, under the laws of the State of Michigan, and conducts operations in accordance with the purpose for which it was incorporated. TSA coordinates and unites the many Macomb County civic organizations, government agencies, private companies, schools, and individuals interested in traffic safety into an effective, cohesive, county-wide force dedicated to traffic safety.

The service area covered is the 481 square miles of Macomb County. In November 1965 TSA received notification from the U.S. Treasury Department that we had been granted exemption from Federal income tax as an organization described in section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Articles of Incorporation were filed with the State of Michigan, Corporation & Securities Commission in Lansing on April 26, 1965, are are on file at the TSA offices.


Mission Statement

The Mission of the Traffic Safety Association of Macomb County (TSA) is to provide superior leadership relating to highway safety issues so that deaths, injuries, and property losses are continuously reduced.

We will encourage others to join TSA’s efforts in order to have the greatest impact on the safety and well being of others.


The objective of TSA is to prevent traffic crashes in Macomb County by working cooperatively with public officials who have a responsibility for safer and efficient traffic, developing citizen support for effective programs based on the needs derived from traffic crash analysis.  TSA is the only safety council in Michigan dedicated solely to traffic safety.

Since 1974 TSA has been providing an educational alternative for traffic offenders.  We are working with offenses such as drunk driving, traffic violations, and drug arrests, trying to encourage positive attitudes and behaviors on the roadways.  We believe that if people are well informed they can make appropriate decisions to stay safe.  Our emphasis has been traffic accident prevention through education.

TSA is constantly looking for additional ways to serve our local communities in order to instill the traffic safety message.  Following are some of the services TSA offers to our communities:  Provide local police departments with monthly traffic collision data; Lead agency for “Macomb Safe Kids Coalition”; Driver education video library; Traffic safety pamphlets and program materials; Adult school crossing guard training; Alcohol awareness education K-12 grade; Pedestrian safety programs; Participation in local safety events; “Buckle Bear” seat belt program; and Bicycle Rodeos.