Drug Testing Referral

    i.e. Basic panel 1x/week and ETG 1x/month
  • + All tests include a PBT (First mouthpiece is free, forgotten/lost mouthpiece $1.00)

  • Please advise client to call our office at 586-293-5880 during normal business hours to obtain their color group assignment. This will be assigned based on the frequency you specify above
    • Call 586-293-4667 or check our website DAILY for testing instructions and color group information
    • You will be assigned a color group indicated below by your probation agent or referral source. The recorded message will tell you what color groups are scheduled to test that day.
    • If your color group is selected, you have until 7:00 pm Monday-Friday or 10:00 am weekends and holidays to report to the Traffic Safety Association for testing.
    • The drug testing hotline and website are updated at 5:00 am daily. You can learn the color group for the day by calling the Random Test Line or checking the website after 5:00 am.

    Your test results will be reported by email to your supervising court officer. If you miss your test date by failing to make calls daily, or by failing to report, this is a violation of program rules and will be reported. You will not be allowed to test on any day other than your scheduled random day.

    There are no coats, bags or purses permitted past the drug testing area. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items that are brought into this department.